3 Things To Do Before You Start Up Your Recruitment Business

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3 Things To Do Before You Start Up Your Recruitment Business

Our top 3 tips on what legal documents you need to consider before setting up your business.

3 Things to do Before you Start Up your Recruitment Business - The Contract Doctor - Helen Phillips

3 Things To Do Before You Start Up Your Recruitment Business

Watch: Helen Phillips, Director of The Contract Doctor Limited, helps you focus on the main 3 things you must consider before you start up a recruitment business (or any business really!).

Thinking of starting up a recruitment company?

I know it can seem really scary, but actually all you need to do is focus on three things to make sure that you are legally protected.

Why should you listen to me?

I’ve been working in law for over 10 years and I set up The Contract Doctor in 2017, mainly to help startups and make starting up less scary. Here’s three bits of legal you need to consider before you are starting up your startup.

1. Shareholder agreements?

If you’re starting up a business with someone, you need to make sure that you both know what your obligations are to that company and actually how you’re going to run it together. So if anything goes wrong, you can look at that document and you can decide, how do we actually determine the outcome of this issue?

Shareholder Agreements

2. Your data protection obligations?

You need to draft a privacy notice telling your clients and your customers, what data you’re collecting, what you’re going to be doing with it, and you can also tell them what their rights and obligations are in order to contact you to get rid of that data. If you have a website, you’ll also need a cookie policy, and that’s going to be telling people what cookies are on your website, should they choose to come and visit you.

Compliance for recruitment agencies

3. Your terms and conditions?

If you actually want to trade, you need to discover what contracts you need to put in place in order to make sure you can actually get paid. Hopefully those three things have made starting a business seem less daunting.

Terms and conditions templates for start up recruitment agencies

If you want to discuss anything further, or you need more help with your legals, feel free to get in touch and myself or one of the team can help.