Here to guide you through the pitfalls of GDPR/Data Protection, Agency Worker Regulations, Conduct Regulations & international compliance.

Legal & Regulatory Compliance encompasses so much of business lives and we are here to guide you through all of it!

  • Are you sick of seeing the letters GDPR?
  • Not sure you can send that worker on assignment in a foreign country?
  • No idea what AWR stands for or if the Conduct Regulations apply to you?

So many questions and so little concise answers, I am sure.

Compliance and data protection legal advice

We offer advice on GDPR/data protection, international compliance and Agency Worker regulations for recruitment and staffing businesses and we will also keep up to date on all new legislation to offer you the best position to focus on generating sales.

Internal training for compliance & data protection

You may like to hear that we offer data protection training as part of our compliance solution, this is an effective way to brush up on your knowledge and to train your staff to maintain compliance.

Compliance Services

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