Terms & Conditions of Business Templates for Recruitment Agencies

Don't let contracts hold you up from making deals! Our recruitment agency terms & conditions of business template contract packages come with 90-day payment terms.


Terms & Conditions of Business Templates for Recruitment Agencies

We Love Recruitment Agency Start-Ups!
Is your Recruitment Agency less than 18 months old? Our Start-Up Recruitment Agency Terms & Conditions of Business Template Contract Packages are for you and they come with 90-day payment terms so you can generate sales before paying us!

“Where did your internal company contract templates come from?”
Not sure? Contact us.
Google? Contact us.
Stolen from your ex-employers? Contact us immediately!

What’s included?

All the agreements required in order to start trading immediately including:

Contracts between recruitment agency and client:

  • Contingency/Permanent Terms and Conditions;
  • Terms of Business for the Supply of Contract/Temporary Workers

Contracts between recruitment agency and contractor/temporary workers:

  • Limited Company Agreement
  • PAYE Temporary Workers’ Agreement

We will ensure that contractor agreements adhere with the government guidelines on the off payroll working rules (outside IR35).

Additional Recruitment Agency Contract Templates

We also include 2 client risk reviews and 30 minutes of legal “credit” which can be utilised during the next 12 months.

Your internal templates can be drafted from scratch or we can use your existing templates as a base, either way, they will be made so that they are bespoke to you!

It’s great to be protected from a commercial risk perspective, but have you considered your GDPR & data protection obligations for recruitment agencies?

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