Terms & Conditions of Business Templates for Recruitment Agencies

Don't let contracts hold you up from making deals! Our recruitment agency terms & conditions of business template contract packages come with 90-day payment terms.


Terms & Conditions of Business Templates for Recruitment Agencies

Did you steal your contracts from your previous employer?
Did you draft them yourself by copying and pasting from other contracts?
Did you find your terms on google?
Have laws and legislation been updated since you had your contracts drafted?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you could be facing unnecessary risks.

You can send your contracts to us directly by clicking here or send us a message to request further information on how we can help to ensure your contracts leave you cosy and safe.

We can help you with most agreements including, but not limited to:

  • Contingency/Permanent Terms and Conditions;
  • Terms of Business for the Supply of Contract/Temporary Workers.
  • Limited Company Agreement (outside IR35)
  • PAYE Temporary Workers’ Agreement (inside IR35)
  • CIS
  • Umbrella & Managing Agent Agreements
  • Retention and Exclusivity Agreements
  • Talent As A Service (TAAS)
  • Employment Contracts
  • Shareholder Agreements

We will ensure that contractor agreements adhere with the government guidelines on the off payroll working rules (outside IR35).

Your internal templates can be drafted from scratch or we can use your existing templates as a base, either way, they will be made so that they are bespoke to you!

Start-Ups and Young Companies

Psssttt…. are you a business under 18 months old? You are eligible for our start-up packages!! We have packages for contract recruitment or permanent only recruitment and each will give you the contracts required to start trading. The best bit? You won’t have to pay for 90 days which gives you a chance to start trading before you have to pay us! Each package also comes with 30 minutes of credit to use with us over the next 12 months and 2 client risk reviews in case the client doesn’t want to use your fancy new contracts.

It’s great to be protected from a commercial risk perspective, but have you considered your GDPR & data protection obligations for recruitment agencies?

Starting up with a partner? Check out our Shareholder Agreements for Recruitment Agencies too.