Staff Employment Contract Template for Recruitment Agencies

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Staff Employment Contract Template for Recruitment Agencies

If you have workers and employees, it is important that you have the correct staff employment contract template and supplier/contractor agreements in place to ensure your business is protected should anything go wrong. 

Not sure whether your worker is an employee or a contractor?
Speak with us immediately! We will help to guide you through the distinctions and ensure you are complying with all employment laws.

Staff Employment Contract Template for Recruitment Agencies

Employment contracts allow you to tell your employee what you expect from them and their role and information on what they can expect from you whilst protecting your data and brand reputation should anything go wrong.

Supplier / Contractor Agreements for Recruitment Agencies

Supplier Contractor Agreements ensure that you protect your business when dealing with ad-hoc contractors and third parties by having strict restrictive covenants including non-compete and non-solicitation clauses.

Employment Contract Legal Advice

Should you need advice on your employment contracts, a dispute, or wish us to audit your contracts of employment, we’re here to help soothe your legal headaces.

In addition to staff employment contracts, a staff handbook should also be utilised for all of your internal policies.

You may not realise this, but if you are a company director, you should also have an employment contract in place… cue worried faces 😉 

Not to worry, staff employment contracts. policies and staff handbooks are our bread and butter. Contact us today and we can have an agreement over to you within 5 working days… cue relieved faces 🙂

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