Staff Handbook for Recruitment Agencies

The starting block to your business culture! Ensure your company policies are up to date from both a legal and company culture perspective with our Staff Handbook for Recruitment Agencies


Staff Handbook for Recruitment Agencies

Your staff handbook works in conjunction with your employment contracts to ensure your recruitment business is not only protected but can scale by providing a roadmap for employees planning annual or parental leave, reporting sickness, bringing grievances, facing disciplinary procedures as well as the behavioural standards the company expects, showing them exactly how the company will deal with an issue and what they can expect.

Whilst an employment contract has fixed clauses and obligations for your staff to follow, you have some flexibility with your policies and you can update as and when necessary.

Although staff handbooks are not legally required, they are vital for scalability and successful operations of your most important part of your business; your people, and can add to the “reasonable” steps requirement should your employee do something which you do not allow within your company. For example, should an employee breach their data protection obligations, you may be held liable if you can not prove that you have provided adequate training and have a data protection policy in place for your staff to follow.

Any employers with more than five employees have a statutory duty to create a written statement of health and safety policies and to bring this to the attention of staff. Many HR experts do not offer Health and Safety Policies as part of their staff handbook services, but we do 🙂

Not only does our Staff Handbook for Recruitment Agencies have all the required policies to protect your business and ensure it runs as you wish, they are also user friendly and can be customised for your business tone.